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Summer courses can be very intense because the information lacks details. Either you have to do your own research to get the details or take your chances in survival. Strangely enough, a lot of students opt to take a risk and fend for themselves. In those instances, the student may think that he or she can handle it. After all it is only an 8 to 10 week course. Less detailed courses are harmless right? Wrong….that assumption has never been right a day in its life. Especially if you have no previous experience with the course topic. So let me get this straight…you signed up for a course with no previous experience and you think.- you can wing it? Here is a short list of what you need to master a summer course:

  1. You need to keep several text books in your arsenal that explain the topic clearly. The more illustrations and examples the better. Visual aids are a quick way to retain the information in short period of time. Which leads to my next bullet point: make your own notes.
  2. You should get into the habit of putting difficult concepts in your own words. Discussions posts are a great place to ‘talk’ things out and get feedback. If you can express it- then you know it.
  3. Know the people the other students in the class. Pick two people and make study buddies.
  4. Keep in contact with your instructor. It shows the instructor that you care about your grades. But it also helps you to understand the material. If this doesn’t  help move on to my last bullet point: get help.
  5. Enlist the help of a professional. A tutor can help you navigate through your course a lot quicker then if you tried to do it alone. A lot of adult learners have responsibilities outside of their course work. And it just makes sense to have a math interpreter guide you through the course.

-Moore to follow Amy

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