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I’m going to to give you real talk about your required text book for your average statistics course. You know that book with over 300 pages and tiny print? I am talking about the one where the equations seem to be written in another language.  The content of the book is so dense you need a bag of Cheetos, a sandwich,  and three cups of coffee to decode it? Okay ready for this…? If you can’t follow it, look for other books that explain it better. You can take those books out of the library or off the internet. The school library should have other statistics books available. The internet is another source of information that can provide examples of the theory in your text. Sometimes you might come across a few practice exercises to get a stronger sense of the material. But  it helps to research what you don’t understand so that the required text makes more sense. I personally like the UCLA statistic site and I will share it with you at the bottom of this blog. I like the statistical programming examples through the UCLA site. The explanations are clear and easy to follow most of the time.

When I decided to become a statistician, I read multiple books on my own to really understand the material. Each book represents one author’s account of a statistics topic. So you have to find a version of the book that speaks to you. As a side note, I am not saying do not read the required text. Rather I am telling you to support your studying with other sources of information that may explain it in a more digestible format.



I hope you enjoyed this blog, there are more to follow.-Amy

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