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Silence can be the best environment for studying.  A quiet atmosphere is a beautiful thing in that you can actually read without being disturbed by someone or something. For those of you that come home to a quiet environment for studying – kudos to you! I hope you enjoy every moment of continuous studying and peaceful tranquility. For those of you that can not find a quiet place to study I offer the alternative of ear plugs. Yes, little buds to stick in your ear. And they work! A lot of medical students use ear plugs. Personally, I find it very difficult to pick up sound with them on…You can find them in any CVS or on-line. And of course, some of them are better than others. Are they expensive? No , not at all. For a few bucks you can purchase them at your convenience.

I like ear plugs because it puts me in the same atmosphere as the library.  Places that have limitations on talking and noise tend to be conducive to studying. You want a clear mind. Personally, I have found it quite liberating to remove myself from every day life; sit in a quite corner ; and plug in my ear buds. Why is it productive to shut out noise? When you censor your environment, it helps you to concentrate better. How many times have you tried to sit down and read for a class and hear the phone ring? Or hear something that reminds you of daily stress? Give yourself a chance to learn and plug in those ears.



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