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You are taking a class and the text book is really hard to read. I mean the symbols are bunched together so close- it looks like another language. So you decide to find additional books that will explain the topic in a way that makes sense to you. Here is a short list of things I look for when choosing supporting text whether in print or on the internet.

  1. Does it have examples?  When you are given a concept , it helps to see an example and it’s solution. A book that has no examples, is not very useful. If it mentions a regression equation, does it have a graph illustration?
  2. Does it have solutions in the back? Solutions give you a little guidance on the problem sets.
  3. Is there a probability distribution table in the back of the book? You need the table to calculate probabilities. All is not lost…You can download a table from the internet. But it is helpful to have off-line tables available. Especially on open book exams.
  4. Does it explain the concepts better for you? For example, take the standard deviation. You had trouble calculating it using your class text book. Find a source that explain the information in a way that you understand it. I would look at three different concepts (that gave you trouble) and see how the book handles it. Then decide from there….

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