Fionia Swaby Hall

My Project Proposal Journey

I was midway in my Residency 2 program, faced with defeat and hopelessness, I felt like giving up.  I browsed across a post by Amy on the DNP website, I said to myself, let me see what she has to offer.  But, deep down I felt like quitting.  She came on the phone with the most positive attitude and gave me hope when I felt there was no hope.  She said, “We are going to go through this together, I will not stop until you get this project proposal passed”.  She meant every word; she went above and beyond the duties of a statistician. She gave me momentum I did know I had and gave me a voice to speak against my greatest critiques. Every time I speak with her, I received a boost of energy to persevere.

I could not ask for a more knowledgeable statistician.  I was faced with very tight deadlines, and she was on the ball. She flawlessly put together the data analysis in record time.  She listens carefully to what I want as my project goal and steered me in the right direction to achieve the project goal.  She was always following up with me to make sure I was pushing forward. At my lowest point, I will receive a message from her, my thoughts were, how did she know I was losing momentum.  I finally received my project approval, thank you Amy for always being there for me, you are more than a statistician, you are my motivator, friend, and just a wonderful human being that wants students to succeed.


Fiona Swaby-Hall, RN, MSN

University of South Alabama DNP in progress