Dr. David Lewis Bush

During my Doctor of Business Administration studies, (DBA) most students, and myself included, struggled with data analysis.  Upon the completion of my DBA, I desired to learn and understand the intricacies of data science.  Amy effectively and confidently explained complex data analysis process to me.  Her knowledge of the R programming language coupled with her expert concept application skills and her ability to effectively communicate, changed my blurred hope of learning new statistical processes to one of excitement with a renewed joy.  Amy continually and progressively demonstrates professionalism, by applying, tact and candor as she methodically explains arithmetical methods.  I have learned first-hand that, her strategic, logic, consistent and comprehensive support has allowed me to obtain not only present-day but also future success as a Data analytical expert.  She applies sound fact-finding approaches with steadfast inductive and deductive reasoning and makes full use of all available technology and tools appropriate to enhance a comprehensive learning environment.  Data analytics is in her DNA.  She is a positive thinker and displays a strong motivation to achieve optimal results.  I strongly recommend that she pursues a doctorate program, because she will be an asset and a pillar of strength for both fellow students and educators.  She has displayed a level of practitioner–scholars reasoning, writing and product producing abilities to my situation and I am forever  grateful to her.

Dr. David Lewis Bush, (DBA)