Ciara Taylor

I want to publicly thank Amy Frances for helping with my statistics final project. I earned an A in the class. I’m so happy. I had to run ANOVA, regression/correlation, and chi square on a set of data that was provided. Since I am furloughed, I was only able to afford 1 hour with Amy. She helped me get started on all 3 sections and answered all of my questions. It was my first time using zoom but she made me feel comfortable. I HIGHLY recommend her if you need stats help. I’m so thankful I found her in the #doctoralmomlife facebook group.

Ciara L. Taylor, MS, LAT, ATCATI Physical Therapy- Oak Mountain High SchoolNATA Safe Sports School 1st Team
NATA Secondary School Athletic Trainers Committee District IX Rep
SEATA SSATC Chair Alabama Board of Athletic Trainers