Course: How to Become Proficient in Statistical Analysis Using SPSS


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Would you like to improve your knowledge of SPSS? Would you like to learn new skills in statistical analysis? This is the course for you. 8 Weeks of intensive training using SPSS. Course starts when you register!  

 Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:


·         Review a Data File for Completeness and Accuracy

·         Manipulate data: Merge, Appending, Creating New Variables


·         Perform basic statistical analysis procedures

          Descriptive and Frequency


          Correlations: Explore the Associations between variables

          Regression: Simple

          Graphics: Scatter plot, Histogram, Box Plot

Course includes : Free  data files  and you must purchase the workbook on amazon. 

Book title on Amazon :

Statistics Workbook for the Non-Techy: An Abbreviated Guide to Statistics Using SPSS Software  by Amy Moore

Here is a link the to Free Webinar hosted on  June 9th 2018 .Q/A: SPSS 8 Week Course


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