Indices Consulting

Dr. Tiana Garrett-Cherry is the founder of Indices Consulting LLC, based out of the DC metropolitan area. She is an epidemiologist with over a decade of public health practice in federal and state health agencies.

Through her business, in addition to epidemiological support and consulting services, Dr. Garrett-Cherry offers copyediting and proofreading services. She is a certified professional with experience copyediting various medical and scientific documents, such as manuscripts, dissertations, government reports, and other high-profile publications. She is a freelance copyeditor for a peer-reviewed academic journal and a mid-sized editing firm. Her copyediting services aim to improve the readability and impact of any document and integrate the use of plain language to broaden understanding across audiences.

You can learn more about Dr. Garrett-Cherry on her company’s website or contact her at to learn more about her copyediting and proofreading services and rates. Recent Podcast Interview: click HERE

Dr. Jennifer Berna

Dr. Jennifer S. Berna holds a PhD in Adult Education (distance learning emphasis) conferred at UW-Madison, where her dissertation earned an inaugural award for Scholarship in Teaching and Learning (SOTL). She also earned three Masters degrees in (school) health education (research thesis in stress management); guidance & counseling (community/agency emphasis and EAP research); and population-based health promotion, under-girded with an undergraduate double major in physical fitness and health education. Dr. Berna holds inaugural MCHES and NBHWC national board certification as an Advanced Professional in Health and Wellness Coaching. She focuses her coaching and mentoring work to guide masters and doctoral candidates to “Balance Life” while on their academic journey. You can learn more about Dr. Berna’s Qualitative Analysis services by emailing her at

Dr. Laura Hamlett Schlater

Laura Schlater, a lifelong writer and editor, began editing dissertations a month after her defense in
February 2017. After editing on the side for a few months, she launched the Wolf & the Crow in 2018
and began editing full-time in February 2019. Since then, she has helped more than 700 clients from
countless universities. Dr. Schlater delivers full-service, comprehensive dissertation editing, addressing
grammar, sentence/paragraph flow, weak writing/writing style violations (e.g., passive voice, anthropomorphism, academic tone), overall document formatting, references formatting and auditing, table of contents, APA/university style and formatting, and more.