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Okay let’s keep it real for a second. You took a stats course and you passed with flying colors. But guess what? If you plan on conducting any research related work- you may need to interpret those stats down the road. I highly recommend that you get use to the idea of knowing the why behind the what (something I blogged about several months ago). It is nice that you can conjure up the right formula and use it. But there may come a time where someone may actually expect you to apply it in the real world. Now breath it’s really not that bad.

If you know which test to perform, it’s very easy to go on the internet and research how to read your output. There are plenty of resources on the net for critical thinking. But in terms of courses that require you to interpret data the main theme is – do you know your stuff. So as long as you include sufficient detail, you should be alright. How do you know what is considered as sufficient? If you can read the interpretation without thinking ‘what the…’ – then you might have a clue about your stats.

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