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What do I think about homework as an exercise? Homework is suppose to be an exercise where you demonstrate your ability to think critically about a topic. Homework is like a wholesome breakfast cereal, you know it’s good for you. Assignments are suppose to be fortified with good stuff – kind of like cereal. Over the course of a semester, all this good stuff is suppose to make you healthy and strong! Give you cat like reflexes on all your quizzes, tests, and final exam. At the end of the term, you should be on the next Wheatie box because you have had the breakfast of champions every week! YAY! Go homework!

Alright real talk…homework is not breakfast cereal. Homework is a pain in the bleep. You know that…the teacher knows that…and your tutor anticipates it. The point of homework is the lesson. The message or “objective” of homework is disguised in the form of homework instructions. Your mission is to decode the instructions correctly, do the assignment , and hand it in on – time. The problem is that 9 times out of 10 a student misses the decode- that’s where a tutor comes in handy.

So in term of receiving help you have a few options. You could make an appointment to see your professor. If you have communication problems with the professor or TA (which is free) – the next step is to find a kind soul to shed some light on the situation. One advantage to hiring tutor is you get help on the homework instructions. If you are lucky, your tutor may also be a trained teacher. Educators have a unique gift when it comes to interpreting instructions- we read between the lines. We can give you a overall sense of what YOUR teacher wants from you. So its quite logical that if you can not get help from the teacher, try to find a tutor who with a background in education- someone who has taught before…Good luck!


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