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You know when I was an undergraduate, I aspired to be a physician. I grew up watching the Cosby show, as far as I was concerned their were only two possible career choices – a doctor or a lawyer. in my little mind, that was it. And all my friends, at the time, wanted to be doctors. As a matter fact, all the wanna-be doctors hung out together on a regular basis.  And it was cool because we were all wanna-bes walking around together as if the sheer potential was enough. Wanting to be something was all we needed at the time. Then undergrad came and somewhere between Chemistry, Physics, and the great wall (Organic Chemistry)- we changed our minds. We started to look around and find other aspirations and goals. Personally, I fell into the statistics field. And I am just now discovering that even in that field- you have an infinite number of possibilities. Here is a list of possible careers in the field of statistics:

  1. Biostatistician
  2. Data Scientist
  3. Biomathematician
  4. Research Analyst
  5. Statistical Programmer
  6. Actuary
  7. Teacher
  8. Work Labor Statistician
  9. Finance Statistician
  10. Population Trend Analysis Statistician
  11. Epidemiologist (hush epi people there are statistics in what you do)

This is a random list. But if you inquire with the American Statistics Organization, they can give you a better sense of the possibilities. My point is look around before you ‘sit’ on your career seat.


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