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Work experience is education. Adults , who have entered the work force  years ago , are realizing the limitations of their career. They are re-defining what it means to go back to school. We see adults pursuing a particular skill set online or in the classroom. People are creating opportunities to really tap into  their true life path. What are you really meant to do? What career is more suitable for you? The answer maybe found in your required algebra course. Or maybe you should focus on taking as many math courses as possible? A co-worker at your job suggested it and the homework is pretty interesting to you. Or maybe you stumble upon your affinity for statistical modeling over one of your late night study sessions. The point is you are an adult. Self identity is no longer a mystery in adulthood. You know what you don’t want out of life. Knowing what you don’t want may translate to a few  years in a particular career. Or maybe you are still trying to find yourself. But what makes an adult learner unique is his or her ability to recognize change is needed and act on it with focused precision. An adult learner completes their homework assignments on-time in order to master a new skill. The adult student speaks up in class and elevates the online discourse or classroom discussion to better understand a topic. Adult apprentices know the worth of a good education, understand how credentials translate in the workplace, and strive to better themselves. They get it.

If you liked this short blog, there are more to follow. -Amy

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