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Recently, a colleague of mine let me know that techy people do not read because we are into this computer age. And the comment struck me as odd because I am a techy and I write so I must reading something. All of the sudden the thought struck me- are we in an age where people rather use the technology and ‘figure it out’ along the way? I sincerely hope not because that would be mean our decisions are based on a false sense of security. I may be able to use programming to generate statistics for an interpretation. But if I do not know how the equations were derived – how can I appreciate it? More importantly, how will I know which statistics are derived from the same logic? Reading is a necessity. Books help us grow.

I wrote a few books with regards to statistics and statistical programming. And if you read the books and implement the logic, you will gain new skills that can help you in life. It might get you a new job. Reading may help you better understand the basics of statistics. It might add new programming skills under your belt. Reading is a starting a point. Informed implementation is the beginnings of learning. Books give me life!


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