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Ahhhh late night study session. You have to be in the right lighting and the perfect spot. It can’t be too cold in the room. You have to be comfortable. So you search for the right location. It could be a particular spot in the library; a hidden corner in a cafe; or a nice spot in your dormitory. But you mean business. So you find that spot and claim it! But before your session can start you need some serious snacks. But you will be eating these same type of snacks over the course of exam/finals week. So you need something substantial but you don’t want to re-submerge at the end of the semester 15 pounds heavier. That was not part of the plan. I have a few snack ideas that are bad but not deal breakers:

  1. Chocolate pretzels and hot cocoa: if you love chocolate you might enjoy chocolate pretzels. The combination of a salty pretzel and chocolate can satiate any foodie.
  2. Apple (with cinnamon) and peanut butter: a healthier choice of peanut butter (I prefer honey peanut butter) .
  3. Peanut Butter, celery, and cranberries: So you put the peanut butter on the celery and a few cranberries. Delicious!
  4. humus and peppers : Cut up some bell peppers (red ,orange, green) and hummus dip goody goody!
  5. turkey and swiss rolls: it’s good for a lunch snack especially if you have some bacon in that bad boy!
  6. your favorite oatmeal cookies and coffee: you get your sweet craving out the way and the oatmeal is not as fattening as a chocolate chip cookie.
  7. Grilled chicken and spinach with olive oil and lemon juice. : It’s a good filler for lunch studying
  8. Wheat crackers and cheese: What can I say about a good cracker? It is delicious especially if its low salt.
  9. &10. Trader Joe’s dried fruit snacks and nuts:  Filling and tasty. I love the mangoes they are my favorite. I like the trail mix. Good healthy stuff in that store.
  10. Water and Gatorade are great. I keep a bottle of  one of the two around me at all the times.

Well that’s my healthy list. I have had an Italian Hot dog or two in my undergrad days. I was not a stranger to the grease trucks when my metabolism and I were on the same team. I use to eat junk and pass out  only to wake up an hour later. Or eat a big meal then lie to myself and say I will ‘sleep it off’ before heading to my study session. If you are concerned about snacks during the study period, you can also look on pinterest for healthy snack ideas.

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