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You might be reeling from your last statistics Mid-Term. I know you studied but it just wasn’t enough to pass that exam. Maybe you did not study properly. It’s quite probable that you focused too much on the homework. Or you completely ignored the lecture slides. Real Talk Point #1:   Your grade is not a reflection of your intelligence – so don’t beat yourself up. Real Talk Point #2: Believe you can turn it around and fix the problem.

Real Talk Point #1: Your grade is not a reflection of your intelligence.

Let’s establish that if you find yourself sitting in a statistics course for any length of time – you have intelligence. The mid-term does not reflect intelligence. It reflects an ability to be a scholastic gymnast. If your routine is ‘tight’ then you get an A. You just need to practice the right routine.

Real Talk Point #2:Believe you can turn it around and fix the problem.

Okay you have a bad mid-term grade. Now what? You need to figure out what went wrong. The first thing I suggest is to obtain the solutions for the ones you got wrong. Notice , I did not suggest ‘asking for the solutions’. Typically, teachers do not disclose solutions to midterms. BUT it is fair to ask for insight in terms of your mid-term grade. Another option is to hire a professional to help you with the course. The term’professional’ refers to either  a teacher’s assistant (TA) or  tutor. Now a student teacher is free. Usually, a professor will have an assistant who is tremendously helpful. I suggest you communicate heavily with them from the first homework assignment until you finish a course. A student teacher is the life line to the professor.  If you do not have time to meet with a professor or talk to a TA – hire a tutor. But help is needed so act fast!….


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