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Okay you have been studying for the final exam all night long.  There is coffee in a ‘medicine drip’ near your computer. No sleep until the exam. No sleep until you finish that exam. You have been crunching numbers until the wee hours of the morning. You can get the answer but you vaguely know what it all means. Your approach to statistics is to treat it as this freak of a mathematics course where knowing the solution brings you a false sense of security. Now if someone were to ask you what something means, you can provide them with a solution. But do you really know it?

I am going share a flash back with you. I had an final exam at Rutgers where I studied night and day. Literally,  Amy was in the library when it opened until closing time. And when the library closed I would venture off into 24 hour cafe. The mindset in undergrad is to practice…practice…practice. It should be like a dance choreography for Chris Brown. …mentally break dancing  until your feet smoke. …Listen to me…get enough rest the night before your final exam. Sleep deprivation will cost you points on that test. There is something to be said about re-setting the brain. I can not tell you how many times I worked on a homework problem and solved it by putting it away. Your brain is still working on it even while you sleep.

You want to have the reflexes of a cheetah on that final exam. Get a nice fluffy pillow and sleep.


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