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So your son/daughter comes home from college with  a bad report. They are failing statistics and there is no end in sight. You ask a series of questions and the problem is still a mystery. You are not sure if it’s a performance issue or something else. Here are a few diagnostics you can check before seeking a tutor or other assistance.

List of Diagnostics

  1. Are they getting the same type of problem wrong?
  2. If they are failing the tests- how did they do on the homework?
  3. Are they using their text book/lecture slides to study?


For number 1, I suggest you open up their failed test and just glance at the type of problems he /she is getting wrong. If it’s a calculation error, there is an issue with attention to detail. I would not hire a tutor for attention to detail.It just means that the student needs to study the details.

For number 2, if they failed the test it’s possible that the concepts were not mastered in the homework. I would look at the grades. Now some people do better on the home works because let’s face it- the testing environment is stressful. I suggest you get a tutor to help him/her master the subject. Tutors have the time to provide ‘mock exams/quizzes’.

For number 3, how are they studying? have they even looked at the lecture slides. When they are in class, do they take notes?Are they using the examples in the text book? Or do they just use their home works to study form? If they are not reading the book/lecture slides/ home works to study- you need a special kind of help. No it’s not a swift kick in the pants lol. You need someone to show your daughter/son how to study for a test. That should take one or two sessions. Once they get the hang of it- they should be fine.

So I have gone over a few suggestions to help you diagnose the problem. It’s better to fix the issue before the end of the semester, as statistics finals tend to be cumulative exams.


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