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As a an on-line teacher for many moons and stars, I have come to the realization that on-line communication requires art and skill.I am speaking of apps which provide a visual of the person real-time. Skype is an excellent tool for a live meeting. You can see the other person’s facial expressions and exchange files. As a free software, Skype is a practical choice for communicating long distances. There are other virtual software companies out there which offer services similar to Skype. But you have to be able to communicate effectively when you use some of these on-line tools. Black board has a collaborations software package that is accessible through your course but the professor must set it up for you.

Now the advantage to communicating on-line is it saves gas. You don’t have to travel from home to get your work done. It just makes sense because if you are busy, it only takes a few minutes to connect with your adviser, professor , peer from class, or anyone else. You can wear jeans and slippers because the person can not see your outfit. And once it is over you can go back to more important matters with ease. A lot of business are using these remote tools to have meetings. Researchers are discussing science through on-line communications. And it just makes life easier all around…I hope you get a chance to try Skype or one of the other on-line meeting apps.

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