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Moore Statistics Consulting LLC is a tutoring and statistics company  for researchers and students who need help with statistics. How did I arrive at the conclusion that teaching is my calling? During my premed undergrad experience, I temporarily advertised myself as a math tutor because I recognized that  (1) I loved teaching subjects to other people and (2) I needed the money ha! But I did not realize my abilities until later in life. After undergrad, I worked in several roles within Clinical Research : as a data manager, statistical programmer, and statistician. After over a decade in corporate America,  I stumbled upon an opportunity to teach students at NYU university.  I explored other opportunities to teach undergraduate and graduate level courses in Biostatistics and Data Analytics, on-line and in the class room. At the same time, I discovered my interest in medicine had morphed into an interest for biostatistics.  I obtained my bachelors degree at Rutgers University in Biomathematics. My first masters was earned in Biostatistics at New York Medical College. And I also have a masters in Public Health Sciences (another statistics degree) from Penn State University.

I love teaching and helping others overcome their difficulties with learning. I understand the dynamics between the student and the teacher. As a student, I  had to overcome testing anxiety. I also had to learn how to simplify difficult concepts in basic terms. And that is how I teach, I take statistics topics and break it down in a form that anyone can understand and accept ha!

I help those who need to learn statistics to fulfill a requirement. I also help others with research projects and publications.

I can be reached via facebook at : https://www.facebook.com/Moorestat/


Thank you.

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