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There is a special type of student that questions the why behind the how. Why do we use this equation? Why calculate the standard deviation in a particular instance? Why did you ignore an independent variable? Each question changes your perception of the task. We are not robots. There will come a time where we have to use our independent judgement be it an exam, project, or in life.  Let’s marinate on the concept of working independently for a second…. It means there will come a time where a tutor, your boss, your coworker, or a professor will not be there to hold your hand and give the answer. You are on your own. Visualize the tumble weeds around you. Man down! Yell out help and the echo bounces off the walls of your study hall, cafe, or testing area. You are alone. It’s just you …the pencil.. an eraser… and the clock.

Now the question is how to get out of the predicament of being alone. Ask questions until you retain the answer during the study period. I am talking about the idea of speaking out when the teacher does something you don’t understand. See a statistics course is a cumulative beast. As time goes on, basic concepts are applied to more complex calculations. That innocent standard error you calculated in chapter 4 is now part of every equation known to man in chapter 8. You need to know why. I know …I know.. you don’t have time for the why. I don’t want to know the ‘why’. You have a full-time job and ‘why’ may take an eternity to understand….But guess what? You signed up for the course , in part , because of the ‘why’. You paying big bucks to learn about the ‘why’. So why not?


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