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Tutors are special people in that they make a living helping others. There is something rewarding about making a class less complicated and more enjoyable. Students are special people in that it takes drive and determination to seek help. Students of tutors keep it real with themselves – you know something is wrong and it needs to be fixed stat!

I can speak from the perspective of the tutor. It’s great when the lesson is simple and everyone goes home happy. I have been in sessions where introductions start with sunshine , leprechaun, and rainbows. You feel positive because your student is feeling optimistic.


Then you have other times where it’s not such a great connection. So I have come up with some top Pet Peeves from the tutor’s perspective. Please keep in mind that students have pet peeves too – but we are not covering them right now. lol.

Top Three Pet Peeve Topics for the Tutor in You


  1. Scheduling: Can I get a bat signal?
  2. Unrealistic expectations: No I can’t make you sing like the late Whitney Houston.
  3. If I want to win I have to Play


Okay let me break these down for you.  For number one, can a tutor get a bat signal or something? If you know more than likely you will cancel – give your tutor the heads up. Pick up a phone, shine a bat signal,  or send an email. But please whatever you do…do not cancel an appointment within 5 minutes of your meeting. That’s if you want to keep working with that tutor. It’s best to give a 24 hour warning so the tutor can make other plans. As for  number two, your tutor can not be a miracle worker an hour before your exam. I mean don’t get me wrong…I can help a student pass their course but not in seconds. No I can not make you go from tone-deaf to the late Whitney Houston in terms of statistics instantaneously know your strengths/weaknesses. The average brain needs a few MONTHS to master basic concepts for a final exam. Now there are some concepts which can be ironed out overnight: translatables. I call it translatable because the student has an idea of the concept and they just need a quick adjustment to smooth things out. It boils down to a simple conversation ‘Oh this is that…oh okay cool and I can apply it’. Major surgery situations arise  when the concept is completely foreign; and it is advised that you take more time to retain the information. Finally number 3: if a student wants to win they have to play which means commit to the lessons. Student should put their all into the study session with the tutor. A lot of this is common sense but not all sense is common (someone said that I have no idea who…)



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