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Calculators are fantastic . Do you know your calculator? Are you using all the features on it? Or do you stay safely within the key pad that only contains numbers?  If you just deal with the number keys- that’s cool. Knowing the number keys is better than using your fingers. You can calculate parts of a equation with just the number keys. However, there are other features to a calculator that are just as cool. And if you learn all the features to your calculator, it gets easier to complete your work. Trust me it does I am not making this up. For instance, if you are calculating exponents it helps to have a scientific calculator to simplify your answer. The parenthesis symbol on your calculator will help you do multiple computations all at once. The Square root features may come in handy for your final exam. The square of a number is readily available for the taking- do you know it?

The statistics course is difficult as it is…make it easier on yourself and learn your calculator.

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