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Remember when you took that statistics class and thought- oh I won’t see this again…guess what? IT’S BACK and someone expects you to make a presentation with it. It’s not that you don’t understand it. In school, you achieved excellent grades in statistics. Your school presentations in grad school met academic expectations. However, presentations for […]

My Proposal Services

I was just sitting here on a peaceful Saturday morning, reflecting on the services I provide my customers. One of those services is the dissertation proposal. So for a set fee, you can work with me to tackle the statistical methodology for your paper. How it works is that we sit down and discuss your […]

Statistical Software: To Thine Own Self be True

I know absolutely nothing about statistics. The last time I opened a stats book was 1946. Okay? Now I have been given the task of deciding which statistical software package to use for my dissertation. So I picked the most impressive package on the market. All the bells and whistles. And I believe my coworker […]

Linear Mixed Models

Linear mixed models are the study of fixed and random effects. Your fixed effects are usually risk factors which you consider to be predictors of the dependent variable. Your random effects are data attributes which promote variability amongst the subjects in your study. An example would be cases where you have a repeated measures study […]

Quiz Yourself

Studying is an art form. Some people have mastered it. They know how to break things down in sections. They got their water and food breaks down pat. Their game is tight. Other people don’t have to study at all. I HAVE SEEN THIS…I will never forget this one student I use to see in […]

Take a Class and See

After undergrad, I was looking for a job that aligned with my major in applied mathematics. I ended up working in the marketing department of an insurance company. A few things became quickly apparent to me. The analysis in the corporate setting can be very repetitive in nature. You are given set tasks to perform […]

Concept Processors

There are two types of books when it comes to quantitative methods: theoretical text and concept processors. The theoretical text is anything that expects you to know how to read mathematical proofs. It’s like reading Shakespeare – you either understand it or you don’t. The literature in theoretical books is hard to ‘plow through’ for […]

I Witnessed A Miracle

Betty is a PhD student in a Doctorate of Education program. When I first met Betty she was working on her dissertation proposal and statistical analysis. Her first words to me were ‘I am not well-versed on statistics’. I assured her that by the end of the process she will be speaking the language.  She […]

How to Keep Sane While Working with Numbers

There is a little trick I learned in undergrad while taking Calculus and these other math courses.  You want to give your brain a break. Meaning, at some point the numbers start to float together and no matter how hard you work- the stuff is a blur. Take a break. I typically take 10-minute breaks […]

Check Yo Self

I have been a statistical tutor since 1956. Kidding. Some time has past since I first started this company, Moore Statistics Consulting. And I have picked up on a few common mistakes along the way. A lot of my clients are PhD Students and I can safely say it is quite natural to make a […]