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As an undergraduate student at Rutgers, I had no idea how to acquire marketable skills for the outside world. Technically, college is part of the outside world but it’s really not OUT-side. It’s more of a parallel universe. You are not in the workforce YET.  That is why I have dedicated some of my time to helping students gain skills they can put on their resume. Now I am strictly referring to statistics topics. If you want to be an analyst, you need to learn popular statistical software languages. If you want to brush -up on statistics, I can refresh your memory on the language. You should never go into an interview ‘cold’ without a few tools in your arsenal.

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How many times have you sought help for a statistics assignment or dissertation? How many times have you heard that the price for tutoring is out of this world? Well, I am offering to help people for free if they buy a tee shirt by November 3rd. So the tee shirt is 20 bucks. So for that amount of money you get a 20 dollar shirt AND a free consult by yours truly.

Update Announcement: I sucessfully made my print minimum for the Moorestat shirt. YAY! However, I need five shirts to be sold for the I Love Stats tee shirt or my orders will not go to print. If you would like to order there are two day left (including today). Here is the link:



Mosaic Graphs

Chi-square tests for categorical data will reveal if there is an association between the variables in your contingency table. However, the test statistic will not tell you where dependencies exist within the cells of your table. People typically illustrate count data with bar charts, pie charts, and histograms. And those illustrations are great for a beginning-level course. The natural inclination is to show the percentages and quantities for each category. But I want you to imagine an graph that will tell you which levels show the greatest associations between the two variables- but with COLOR!  

Mosiac graphs can be generated with R Code. Here is an example:mosiac

The associations are represented by the different colored boxes. If there is no association for that particular variable level the box stays grey. Pretty neat isn’t it?! If you would like to learn more please contact me for an appointment.

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Kendall Tau

The phrase Kendall Tau is not typically introduced in your basic statistics class. But if you were performing a correlation for your  dissertation defense- make sure you don’t need one. As a matter a fact, do me a favor…If you are working with a correlation right now…Classify the variables in your correlation as one of the following : interval, ratio, nominal, or ordinal. If your variables are ordinal a Kendall Tau is more appropriate than a Pearson.   The Kendall Tau is a non-parametric correlation for ordinal variables. Ranked Correlations for ranked data!

The Pearson’s correlation coefficient is more appropriate for continuous variables (interval or ratio). When you are studying linear correlation, your variables should be aligned with a normal distribution or at the very least the linear family. And this is my perspective, but count data is not part of the linear family.

There are other non-parametric correlation tests. Know your variable type.

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Tee Shirt Special

My company tee shirt is in the shop on my site. It contains a butterfly symbol which I personally chose because it is a reminder of my late father Gary Moore. My Dad was not a mathematician, instead he practice law. What is the connection to butterflies? One day I was talking to my Dad while in school for my PHD in Biostatistics. And I was telling him about my obstacles and stumbling blocks- and a couple of beautiful butterflies came in my path. I told my Dad and he said ‘yes I may have sent them to you’.  Now it was not butterfly season, it was the middle of winter and it caught me off guard. But at that moment, the butterflies symbolized hope and perseverance. And my Dad was the epitome of hope, strength, and determination.

In memory of my late father, Gary Moore, I would like to offer ‘hope’ to people who are studying statistics  or fulfilling their statistics requirements. I am offering to tutor people for 1 hour ($60 dollar value)  if you purchase one of my tee shirts ($20 to $25 value) in the shop. I hope you enjoy it!


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Moorestatpro App

I recently released the Moorestatpro App on this site. My goal was to develop something that helped people perform statistical modeling. Decision-making is the most important skill to master in statistics. It’s liberating to think on your own and execute statistical models with confidence. And the app does just that- it takes information from your data and gives you solutions to the model.

I will give you a few scenarios where the Moorestatpro App may help you.

(1) You are working on your homework and you need to perform a hypothesis test. You have no clue how to approach it. And it is due in two days – get that app to help you narrow down which method is valid.

(2) Chapter 3 and 4 of your dissertation calls for a regression analysis and it’s  year 5 of your PHD experience- you just want to graduate. Your adviser is asking for a statistical method and you don’t have a life line to call – get that app.

(3) A bear is chasing you and you have to choose the appropriate graph for your data. (okay the bear example is a bit extreme).  Get that app!

(4) Get the app!


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Special Rates for the Month of September

If you are looking for help at an affordable rate- September is the time to get it! For a limited time, I will be providing rates as low as 37 an hour. All you have to do is go to the following link and choose a reward, once you make your purchase I will schedule your appointment.

Here is the link!

Special Rates for the Month of September


Any proceeds will be donated to Moore Statistics Consulting to help support my efforts to develop better native / web applications. Remember the rates are only available through the link, which is considerably lower than my store prices. Hope you participate in it!

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Moore Stat App

Have you ever tried to perform statistical modeling and you are clueless? Do you understand the implications of variable formats and types (nominal, ordinal, continuous, binomial)? Can you easily identify independent and dependent variables? I have created a native app which is in Google play and IOS. The app is called ‘Moorestat App’ and it helps you identify the formats of variables to determine the possible statistical models available. Down load it today!

50% off  (visit the shop for details) The user manual can be found in the shop.

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Statistics for the Math Illiterate

Recently , I published a book that will help people who struggle with math. The book is a short and sweet introduction to statistics. If you are about to take a course in statistics and you want a head start- the text is a good resource for your arsenal. And I will tell you why. There are hills and valleys in a statistics course. While calculating the mean is a piece of cake…hypothesis testing can be a steep and bumpy road. And you don’t want bumps and bruises along your journey. No. The average person wants to fulfill their statistics requirement and re-submerge back into civilization. ..not take it again…not hire a whole bunch of extra help. They just want the explanations to be clear and to the point. Cut through the b.s. and say what you mean…this book does that…-buy it


p.s. It’s free this week on Kindle

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Cloud Lifter

Are you struggling with statistical concepts? Can you have confidence issues when it comes to implementing what is in your statistics book? Do you have anyone who could listen to your logic and review your notes? One day I decided I will learn every chapter of my statistics  book.  I wasn’t in class. I had no upcoming exams. I just wanted to learn so I put an entire text book in my own words from cover to cover. And I had a great friend who was a statistician, he listened to my interpretation(s) of the concepts. I really cherish that time because it helped me clear-up a lot of confusion in my mind. Sometimes, we get into the habit of thinking that reading is learning. I believe that explaining what you understand is also a part of the process. If you can explain what you read to someone else, it forces you to put things in context for your brain. It gives your reading exercise purpose. I highly recommend it.

Recently, I created a new service that I call ‘Cloud Lifter’, a place where you can submit short paragraphs of statistical concepts in your own words. It is also a place where you can submit feedback on your practice quizzes purchased from my shop. The objective is not to give you a letter grade for your work. The reward is that it helps to clear up the inaccuracies in your logic. If you had a hard time visualizing what you are reading- Cloud lifter is for you. Talk it out…get a better picture of your view…gain confidence in your learning process.

Visit the tab on the home page labeled ‘Cloud Lifter’.

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