One of my work mentors once told me that as a Nurse Educator in the clinical environment, my role was not to teach Nursing Students how to be Nurses. He said my role was to teach them “How to Be!”

One of the concepts I’ve incorporated into my clinical experience is that of vulnerability. I require students to watch TED talks that discuss this concept and thereafter they define the concept and share their take aways points. I ask the students to share their personal feelings about the concept and then identify themselves as being vulnerable or not. There’s more…

After all of this engaging about the concept of vulnerability, I then challenge the students to share why they are or are not vulnerable. It’s a wonderful exercise that allows individuals to open up about many things. It’s these very “Things” that become essential in how they will be as people, as Nurses, how they will be with their patients and families, and their peers.

The act of learning is being vulnerable. You are opening yourself up to gain knowledge. You will find out something new. What you choose to do with that knowledge can be powerful. Healthcare is constantly evolving. In all of your experience, there is more to learn and share.

I invite you to watch the TED talk below.

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