What they will not tell you

There are many people in the data field (statistics, data science, epidemiology, data analytics, etc.) . It’s a field where individualism is a choice. You could literally spend years in the profession with minimal human interaction. In fact, some people opt to grow in a particular role at a company over decades. Other data professionals will job hop for years. Why do some people stay and others move around? To gain more experience, a better paying job, more money, better quality of life, and MORE MONEY. And employers are interviewing folks and reviewing resumes for certain buzz words. Are you familiar with statistical programming languages? Can you perform data manipulation or statistical analysis? If you get a job in the data field, it is assumed that you can work independently. Data professionals are nomads, we do not share skill sets with one another unless it is a job requirement. When you take on a job, your growth depends on the limitations of that work culture. Some jobs are conducive to broadening your horizons. Other places of business are not learning environments. If you learn in that non-academic environment it is most likely the case that someone is leaving that job. They are on their way out! Think about that for a second…A job is an opportunity to gain work experience. It is not necessarily a chance to grow as an individual. You are a small or large part of a well-oiled machine! No one is paying you to leave and flourish elsewhere. Not happening Captain. As a result, the information is in a vacuum and it’s up to you to venture out and promote your own growth. As a data professional, I spent years cultivating information in different ways. I moved to other states to advance my career in statistics. There were job changes that came about so I could better understand different aspects of the field. There were a lot of disruptions in my life because the working environments did not encourage learning. So throughout my experiences as a statistician, biostatistician, teacher, programmer, consultant, and data manager, I have gathered all my knowledge and put it into a book, Boss Lady. The book is designed to share statistical programming tips, data manipulation essentials, and help one into a data expert. There are at least three skills that people should know when working with data. If you master these three skills it should help you get to the next level. In fact these skills will be mentioned at the book signing events starting tomorrow. There will be a book signing event every Friday for the Month of April! I hope to see you there!

-Moore to Follow Amy

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