Imagine if you will: a seed that grows without soil, water, or sunlight. Do you have that visual? That’s great because it doesn’t exist on earth. Nothing evolves by itself. There is always a catalyst for growth. And the trigger is not necessarily ‘water’, ‘nutrients’, or sunlight. It could be a bad experience. Maybe you lost a job. You ended a relationship. The ‘push’ to become something is other worldly. Divine intervention in cases. Something caused you to want it. And kudos to anyone that decides to follow their dreams.

There are a few ways to become an expert in the field of statistics. The traditional route involved schooling and the right opportunity. It still does more or less, businesses respect credentials. But even with the right degrees and professionalism, there are some skills which are only attainable if you get a learning opportunity.

As a quant person, I came from an era where it is hard to find a mentor. There was no social media. Experts in the field were found by word of mouth. “Go speak to so and so….she might help you”. Key word is ‘might’. The average coworker has no interest in training the masses. Real talk. Even if you found someone, there was a slim chance they knew how to teach it. So it was hard…it was rough…and somehow I got the information. Fast forward to today…I am a mentor and educator. As an independent entity, my only focus is to get people to the next level. I encourage anyone reading this to visit my shop or contact me directly for advice. I will help ,as much as, I can or refer you to someone else. But in the end, your journey to ‘becoming’ will be worth the effort.

-Moore to follow Amy

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