You have a DNP project which calls for an intervention. Typically, the intervention will require 8 to 10 weeks of exposure to ‘something’. It could be an algorithm or a diet plan. Maybe you just want to observe the compliance rate. Whatever the case maybe – you need to present the details of your project in an organized manner. The reader should be able to visualize the key players and procedures within the project. More importantly, who are your case numbers? Will you be studying patients or nurses? How many cases do you need for your study? How will you collect those cases? You need to answer these questions when you get to the proposal phase of your project. If you can not answer those questions- then your proposal is NOT ready. And if the project design is not complete, it will not pass the approval process. On another level, any data related tools should be designed to answer the questions in your PICOT. Date information is very important because you want to know if the cases were collected within a proper timeline. Professionally speaking, I can read a proposal and tell whether or not the statistical analysis will be an epic fail. For instance, if you are studying two groups for differences and the same people are in both groups.

How can you tell which group had the better treatment if it’s the same folks? So there are sections to your write-up which can effect the outcome of your analysis. So if you are rushing to finish your write-up…pause…breath…and have a colleague or professional (me wink) take a look at it first. The proposal stage is a perfect time to get a consult.

-Moore to Follow Amy

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