Write the Words YOURSELF to Understand It

Statistics is not a language that people speak on a regular basis. It’s just not done. But most people know how to speak or write words on paper. And we know that if you write it down – it sticks. Especially if you put things in your own words. I had a breakthrough in college. I was a biology student with mediocre grades and I decided to take Calculus II, which I consider to be a bit Shakespearean in it’s own right. It’s mostly theoretical in nature. The calculus books are in human language but the concepts are not from earth. I am just saying…

…One day I got fed up with reading and I bought a notebook. In that notebook, I translated the entire book into my own words. I even enlisted the help of my TA (at the time). He spoke no English but he quickly realized what I was trying to do and met with me regularly. I would put the words down in my notebook and my TA would confirm the translation. And the concept stuck in my brain permanently! Now what does this have to do with dissertations or statistics? After the analysis is done, you need to be responsible for the write-up. Your translation of the statistics will enable you to understand it better. Why? Because everything is in your words. I have come across individuals who do not write their own papers and as a result they have no clue about the statistics. You have to force yourself to sit down and do the write-up. Your words…your understanding…your truth.

-Moore to follow Amy

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