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Often times I silently observe the conversations , the posts, the messages with regards to how people are surviving their classes. I see references to youtube a lot. One person may say ‘oh I just youtube it’. I love self-help videos. I make a couple (myself) from time to time. However, I use it with caution. If someone tells you to analyze you data using only 3 steps- make sure you do the research to verify the steps. Especially if statistics is not your thing. If you just arrived in statistics land two days ago….I would make sure you verify your understanding. Sometimes our ‘understanding’ is based on assumptions. You are assuming that the person in the video is a well-seasoned expert. And I am not saying that can not be the case. But sometimes the person making the video will leave out a crucial step that is not obvious to the viewer. I will give you a non-statistical example.

Suppose I make a youtube of how to bake chocolate chip cookies. I got my eggs, flour, salt, and all the other ingredients needed to make cookies. You see me put the mixture together. I mean…I look like a regular Martha Stewart in the kitchen. And then you see the end product, the cookies, and the video fades. Now you know how to make cookies, right? Wrong. I did not mention the oven. What is its temperature? How long should the cookies be in the oven? There are questions that need answers. Statistically speaking, if I showed you how to do linear regression in a video – you would know how to do it. However, there are situations where you SHOULD NOT do it. A video may or may not cover the assumptions of the test. It is up to you to know that information. So please be careful with youtube.

-Moore to Follow Amy

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