Tee Shirt Special

My company tee shirt is in the shop on my site. It contains a butterfly symbol which I personally chose because it is a reminder of my late father Gary Moore. My Dad was not a mathematician, instead he practice law. What is the connection to butterflies? One day I was talking to my Dad while in school for my PHD in Biostatistics. And I was telling him about my obstacles and stumbling blocks- and a couple of beautiful butterflies came in my path. I told my Dad and he said ‘yes I may have sent them to you’.¬† Now it was not butterfly season, it was the middle of winter and it caught me off guard. But at that moment, the butterflies symbolized hope and perseverance. And my Dad was the epitome of hope, strength, and determination.

In memory of my late father, Gary Moore, I would like to offer ‘hope’ to people who are studying statistics¬† or fulfilling their statistics requirements. I am offering to tutor people for 1 hour ($60 dollar value)¬† if you purchase one of my tee shirts ($20 to $25 value) in the shop. I hope you enjoy it!


-Moore to Follow Amy

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