Write-Up for Numbers

When you write a paper about numbers, keep it simple. Your translation of ideas from numbers to every day language – should be easily digestible. I should be able to eat my sandwich and casually follow your research, the methods, the results, and conclusion. There is something to be said about transparency in write-ups for numbers. If you state a claim, include the numbers. If your write-up has tables, the content should include your parameter of interest. Themes should be carried throughout the report. The numbers you promise to present in the beginningĀ  should be part of your discussion point. Know your career field very well. Sometimes, there are numbers which SHOULD be included in your write-up. For instance, you do not report a mean statistic without the standard deviation. You should not claim statistical significance and your p-value is missing. What does your count represent in terms of percentages? Do your numbers represent the entire picture? Or a sample? Who is in that sample? Where does it come from?….. When you share a write-up keep the numbers in mind.

-Moore to Follow Amy

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