Homework is not Understanding

When someone does poorly on a test, the first thing people say is ‘but I did the homework’. And I know what they mean because you spent several hours doing the work- so naturally you should reap the benefits of all those hours. You sat under a hot lamp for 12 some hours, struggling with those problems to hand them in on time. Someone should give you an A for effort at the very least. I hear you. But here is the thing…you are taking a risk. Because there are two types of instructors. There is the type that will just give you a test that looks like your homework. And then there are teachers who like to construct tests from another planet. I suggest you visit that ‘planet’ and get your practice questions from there…

The internet has many practice problems. You can find ones that have solutions. If you did all the examples in the text book, the unassigned practice problems may help. You could also hire someone to quiz you on the material. But I would extend your ‘reach’ beyond the assigned homework.

-Moore to follow-Amy

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