Skype: Why I like It

Let me start off by saying – I like Skype. I like it’s features and capabilities. You can talk to anyone around the globe for free or call someone with credits that you purchase on-line. It’s flexible and user-friendly. You can send files directly to someone via chat or leave them a voice message. Yes an actual video voice message. You can share your computer screen with the end-user. There are a lot of features with Skype that compensate for the lack of one-on-one interaction. It warms the cockles of my heart to be able to meet with students in real-time. I just wished everything was that convenient!

There are issues with Skype. Sometime, it takes several attempts to contact other users. Other times, the system does not seem to respond when necessary. It’s really a mixed bag at times. But in general, free is still good.


-If you enjoyed this short blog there is more to follow.-Amy

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